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Need to pay a mortgage in Mexico, telephone bill in Taiwan, or an international credit card from Cairo? Take advantage of Continental Currency Exchange’s globalized partnerships to ensure you get more security, better exchange rates, and the exceptional service you’ve come to expect from Canada’s Foreign Exchange Experts.


How Continental can help with your payments:

  • Pay with guaranteed great exchange rates and no hidden fees
  • Low cost foreign drafts, cheques and money orders to pay most international bills
  • 19 convenient locations across Ontario open longer, 7 days a week
  • The safety, security, and global partnerships of Canada’s Foreign Exchange Experts™
  • Pay with US dollar drafts, certified cheques, and cashiers cheques


Why use Foreign Drafts and Cheques?

Foreign drafts and cheques are ideal for making international payments (mortgages, tuition), large overseas purchases (real estate, boats, planes or cars) or for remittances (sending money to friends or family in another country). Whatever your reason for sending funds, Continental offers secure, reliable, and inexpensive foreign drafts and cheques that you can count on.


Note: At this time we can no longer issue EUR or GBP foreign drafts. Please ask the staff at your local Continental branch about alternatives.


No Hidden or Unfair Fees

No hidden bank fees, no added cost, and no unwanted surprises.


The Currency You Need

Our low cost Foreign Drafts and Cheques are available in over 60 currencies from around the world.


Convenient Service

You have the option of choosing from 19 Continental Currency Exchange locations across Ontario open longer, 7 days a week.


Reliable Global Partners

Our global partnerships in more than 70 countries around the world ensures reliability, security and simplicity as you send you Foreign Drafts and Cheques around the world.


Great Discounts

Combine sending Foreign Drafts and Cheques with other great Continental discounts such as the Privilege Card, Student VIP card, Hero Day, and Seniors Day!



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