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Being a student can get expensive fast, especially when you’re studying abroad or going on overseas trips for your holidays. While we might not be able to help with textbook prices and flights, we can help you save money on your exchange and do more of the things you love by giving you special student exchange rates! Introducing the Student VIP card, our way of helping to make your university or high school life easier and more affordable. A free card that offers students lower fees, and even better exchange rates on over 160 different currencies bought and sold!

The Student VIP card is a student discount card meant to help you save time and money. Any student under the age of 25 can take advantage of the savings for FREE at any one of our Continental Currency Exchange branches.

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Why Be a Student VIP?

The Student VIP card helps thousands of students travel easier, safer, cheaper, and more conveniently all around the world each year. And best of all, it’s FREE!

Besides the cool name, here are the main benefits of the Student VIP card:


1. Exclusive Student Discount on Exchange Rates

Save money with exclusive student exchange rates on over 160 currencies bought and sold immediately. Your better student exchange rates will help make sure you put money where it belongs – in your pocket!


2. Student Only Savings and Promotions

As a Student VIP you’ll have access to special promotions and offers not available to anyone else. Whether it’s winning an iPad or another prize that will help you through your degree, it’s our way of saying thanks for being a VIP.


3. No Fee, Student VIP

As a Student VIP you won’t have to worry about any fees or commission on all cash transactions. That’s right, you’ll receive even better student exchange rates with no fees, saving you even more money.


4. FREE Money Transfers

Students can send money transfers and wires for all school related expenses for FREE! Combined with your exclusive exchange rates, this makes sending money and paying tuition that much easier, and cheaper. For all other non-school related wires, students still get a discount.


Not Just Another Savings Card!

We know how hard being a student can be. Tuition, books, food, accommodation – it all adds up faster that you can count. The Student VIP is an easy way for students to save some money and put it to better use. Whether it’s a weekend getaway to the United States, or an exchange to Sweden, we make it more affordable so that your high school and university years can be as fun and fulfilling as they should be!


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We’re Canada’s largest independent foreign exchange retailer, offering fast, friendly and convenient service at the best exchange rates guaranteed. As a Student VIP, we ensure you’ll always take more money with you, wherever you go!


To become a Student VIP, visit your nearest Continental branch and get started today!

With our money transfer and wire services, you can pay tuition abroad more easily than ever before! Visit us today to learn more.

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