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Exclusive Education Savings Every Week!


Continental Currency Exchange is proud to bring you ‘Teacher Tuesdays’…all year long! That’s right, due to popular demand we’ve turned this fabulous promotion from a spring and summer deal into a permanent fixture. Every Tuesday, teachers will be able to take advantage of exclusive exchange rates on over 160 different currencies bought and sold, and better rates of exchange on services such as wires, drafts, and money transfers. As an added bonus, teachers will join our Privilege members by enjoying no fees on all cash transactions.

There are no limits on your savings, so next Tuesday make sure you stop on by your nearest branch!


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Breaking Down the Teacher Discounts


  • Exclusive Savings: All teachers will receive special offers and promotions for additional savings, helping you save more and earn more on each trade.
  • Buying Currency: Receive discounted exchange rates on over 160 currencies when you purchase a foreign currency.
  • Selling Currency: Receive discounted exchange rates on over 160 currencies when you bring back any foreign currency.
  • Cash: As a teacher you’ll pay NO fees on all cash transactions.
  • Wire Transfers: Exclusive teacher discounts on your rate of exchange for wire transfers.
  • Drafts: Exclusive teacher discounts on your rate of exchange for all drafts.


*Call or visit your nearest branch for a complete list of ‘Teacher Tuesdays’ discounts and savings.



Who Qualifies for Teacher Discounts?


We’re happy to announce that our ‘Teacher Tuesdays’ discounts have been expanded to include everyone who helps our school system run! Whether you’re a teacher, college professor, principal, janitor, or other staff member – we’ll be happy to pass the savings on to you. Feel free to ask the staff at your local Continental branch about whether you qualify for our educational discounts.


Even More Savings for Teachers!


Continental Currency Exchange is committed to providing the best possible experience to all of our clients, and ‘Teacher Tuesdays’ is the latest in a long line of promotions and services that benefit our educational professionals. Read on for a complete breakdown of all the benefits teachers can enjoy every day:


Pre-order your currency


The life of a teacher can be hectic, so we’re here to help you get some peace of mind! When you preorder you can ensure that we’ll have all the currencies you need in the quantities you want, and you can even request specific denominations – saving you valuable time and hassle.

For more information on pre-ordering your currency, find your nearest branch and start trading today!



Continental Tip

Remember, foreign exchange rates can be unpredictable. Don’t take our word for it, always make sure you do your own research and decide for yourself when it’s the best time to buy!


We’re proud help our clients learn the best way to save! ‘Teacher Tuesdays’ will be offered every week all year long, made available to those who make our education system so great. Remember that while Tuesday might be your day, everyday is a great day to save at Continental – so stop on by your nearest branch now!


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