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OneCard is Now Unavailable

May 2, 2019 , by Kyle Rammler

Thank You for Your Interest. OneCard is Not Currently Available for Sale. Please Visit a Branch Near You to Get the Cash You Need, Today!

With the best exchange rates guaranteed, staff and clients alike are able to rejoice in the break from bank fees and credit card debt. The early access beta launch of OneCard is now finished, and OneCard is no longer for sale. However, we are working hard on a wide variety of currency exchange and travel related products and services that we know you are going to love!

Continental Currency Exchange has only just scratched the surface on the savings mission it set out to accomplish, and we’re not done yet. The specifics about the future projects in the works at Continental are still under close guard, but read on to learn about some of the amazing world changing features and functionality that might be coming your way soon!

Already Have a OneCard? Keep Using It As Normal! 

While the early access launch of OneCard is now finished, and OneCard is no longer for sale, if you already have a OneCard or a family of OneCards, you may continue using them as per normal. Save, spend, send and share anywhere in the world, load online or in branch, and continue exchanging away as much as you would like. OneCard will also continue to act like your privilege card, so show us your card in branch, and any benefits or rewards will apply for you indefinitely. Your feedback means the world to us, so if you have any features or functionality you would like to see added in the future, or any changes you would like implemented, email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

We’re always listening, and the satisfaction of our OneCard clients is extremely important to us. 

The Evolution of OneCard Starts With You 

Thank you very much to all of our clients that jumped on the early access OneCard launch. With your trust and support, the OneCard beta was a success, and OneCard quickly became the leading example of convenience and savings. OneCard is more than just a card, it’s like a multi-currency bank account, featuring the same amazing exchange rates you’ve come to expect from Continental Currency Exchange®, in addition to giving you even easier access to your money. Whether you’re looking to save on multiple currencies, or send money to a friend or family member around the world, Continental Currency Exchange is here for you. Hopefully you were able to get a OneCard while they were available, but if not, keep your eyes and ears open for future projects and announcements. 

Built by Canadians for the World

When we began conceptualizing OneCard, Canada’s Multi-Currency Card™, we considered the needs of all our clients, travellers and Canadians alike. This included which currencies (and how many) can be saved, stored and spent, to increased fraud protection and triple security features, to family sharing and the lowest possible fees. We are using this opportunity to perfect our vision and work hard on the future of currency exchange. Continental Currency Exchange is proudly Canadian. 

The future of Continental Currency Exchange, while still under wraps, means we can help you send, spend, and save with complete peace of mind and ease. 

Canada’s Multi-Currency Card™ was available exclusively at your local Continental Currency Exchange branch. Stay tuned for more information.

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