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With the temporary closure of our branches we are unable to offer this service at this time. If you would like to transfer funds to or from your CAD or USD accounts go to order.continentalcurrency.ca to set up a Preauthorized Debit/ Deposit.

How To Reserve Currency Online 

Reserving currency online is easy, safe, and secure. Simply follow the steps below to get started. Please note that we DO NOT offer home delivery or online payments at this time. This is meant to help you reserve your currency ahead of time online so it’s ready for you when you go in to pick it up. For more information on how we protect your personal details visit our Compliance and Security page.

  1. Fill out the required information in the order form above
    1. Be sure to specify what currency you require as well as what mix of denominations you prefer
    2. Choose which Continental Currency Exchange branch you wish to pickup your currency from
  2. Once your currency is ready, visit your chosen branch
  3. Pay for your currency at the branch, using the exchange rate at time of purchase

You’re all set! Thank you for reserving your currency online with Continental Currency Exchange!

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Please contact or visit your nearest branch for more information or to exchange currency today, you can find a list of our branches at continentalcurrency.ca/branches. Alternatively please contact us by email at [email protected].



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