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Canadian owned and operated, Continental Currency Exchange offers industry leading personal and business foreign exchange services including the best exchange rates on over 160 currencies bought and sold immediately, low cost money transfers and wires, and USD cheques.



Currency Exchange


Best Exchange Rates Guaranteed


Continental Currency Exchange is a leader in all of your personal and business currency exchange needs. We buy and sell over 160 currencies immediately with fast and convenient service, and offer some of the longest branch operating hours in Canada. With great exchange rates guaranteed and no commission, we provide you with the best value on all of your foreign exchange needs.

4 Benefits of Trading with Continental:

  1. Best exchange rates guaranteed on all transactions
  2. Order, buy, and sell without an account
  3. Buy or sell over 160 different currencies immediately
  4. Pre-order currency to ensure it is ready when you are


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Wires and Money Transfers


Your Money. . . Anywhere


Continental Currency Exchange has partnered with some of the world’s best payment firms to ensure that no matter where you’re sending your money, it arrives fast, insured, and protected. Transfer multiple currencies across town or around the world, and always receive guaranteed great exchange rates with low fees. Sending money with Continental is easy and safe.

Why transfer money with Continental:

  • Continental’s international partnerships means your money arrives safe, swift, and secure
  • Always receive Continental’s guaranteed best exchange rates with no unfair fees
  • Personal and business money transfer services available
  • Send money with the safety and savings of Canada’s foreign exchange leader


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USD Cheques


Smart Payment Solutions


Need to pay a mortgage in Florida or American phone bill? Whatever your needs, when you pay using a USD cheque purchased through Continental Currency Exchange, you’ll take advantage of our international partnerships which bring you more security, better exchange rates, and the ease and savings only Your Foreign Exchange Experts™ can give you. It’s that easy.

How Continental can help with your payments:

  • Pay with guaranteed great exchange rates and no unfair fees
  • Get low cost USD cheques to pay most international bills
  • Over 19 convenient locations across Ontario open longer, 7 days a week
  • The safety, security, and global partnerships of Canada’s Foreign Exchange Experts™


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FX Rate Watch and Currency Converter


Relax. . . Let Us Do The Work


Looking to buy or sell currency? Use Continental’s Rate Watch app to view live exchange rates, compare the value of currencies, see how much you’re going to pay while you travel, or to anticipate when the exchange rates are going to be in your favour. Rate Watch is the innovative, next generation of currency tracking.

Features of our free currency converter and rate watch applications:

  • Continental’s quick quote –  helps save you time and money, with at a glance information
  • Live currency tracking – up to the minute updates
  • Historic data up to 5 years – compare the history of more than 160 different currencies
  • Currency Converter – letting you know how much you will get for your money
  • The rate tracker automatically notifies you if the currency you need hits the rate you want


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Pre-Authorized Debit and Deposit


Scheduled Monthly Foreign Payments


If you make regular foreign payments, Continental’s Pre-Authorized Debit and Deposit is for you. Simplify your money transfers and wires, and never miss a foreign payment again.

Benefits of Continental’s Pre-Authorized Debit and Deposit:

  • Continental’s international partnerships means your money arrives safe, swift, and secure
  • Always receive Continental’s guaranteed best exchange rates with no hidden fees
  • Personal and business money transfer services available
  • Send money in numerous currencies with the safety and savings of a Canadian foreign exchange leader


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Business Foreign Exchange Services


Better Rates Than Your Bank Guaranteed!


Continental has been a leader in serving businesses of all sizes for nearly 30 years. We will save your business time and money with industry leading business foreign exchange services. We feature the best exchange rates guaranteed and a team of dedicated foreign exchange experts. You’ll benefit from our globalized business partnerships, international expertise and flexible services.

Why use Continental’s Business Services?:

  • Always receive Continental’s guaranteed best exchange rates with no unfair fees
  • Customized service to meet your unique business needs
  • Over 160 currencies available, and global partnerships in more than 70 different countries
  • Safe, secure and flexible solutions


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