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Compare hundreds of currencies, check the latest exchange rates or track long term trends with Continental Currency Exchange’s FX Rate Watch. Featuring live exchange rates and a convenient currency calculator, Rate Watch helps you save even more money on your foreign exchange. 


Use FX Rate Watch to compare, and track your currency for FREE!

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How Rate Watch Helps You

Rate Watch is a completely free web app providing you with live exchange rates on over 160 currencies, historical exchange rates over the past 5 years, and the ability to immediately compare and calculate how much your money is worth in another currency.

With Rate Watch you’ll be prepared the next time you’re going on vacation. Simply enter in the currency you need, how much you were looking for, and what date you need it by. When your currency hits the rate you requested, we’ll contact you immediately to let you know.


How it works:

Step 1: Register for Rate Watch for FREE!

Step 2: Choose the currencies you need and the price you want.

Step 3: Select the date you want to purchase your currency by.

Step 4: We’ll automatically contact you if the currency you need hits the price you want.



  • Continental’s quick quote –  helps save you time and money, with at a glance information
  • Live currency tracking – up to the minute updates
  • Historic data up to 5 years – compare the history of more than 160 different currencies
  • Rate Tracker automatically notifies you if the currency you need hits the rate you want!
  • No download required, no registration fee, and no signup fee
  • Completely FREE!


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