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USD Savings Until St. Patrick’s Day

March 5, 2020 , by Kyle Rammler


From opening on March 13th until closing on March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day), all Continental Currency Exchange branches are offering a 25 BPS (Basis Point) discount on US dollars when you purchase $500 US or more! USD has always been one of the most popular currencies for Continental clients…and putting it on special is our way of saying thanks for choosing Continental Currency Exchange for over 30 years! So find a branch near you throughout Ontario today and start saving!


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25 BPS (Basis Points) Off!

While having USD on sale is very exciting, you may be wondering what 25 BPS (or Basis Points) actually means. You can learn more in the FAQ below, however here’s a bit of information about what it gets you. By discounting BPS, the same percentage discount will be applied no matter how much USD you purchase. So instead of a set dollar amount off, your discount will grow with your purchase!

US Dollars for You!

Like we said, USD is one of the most popular foreign currencies Canadians purchase…so putting it on sale was a big decision! Ultimately, we wanted to give something back to both our loyal longtime clients as well as new travellers and traders looking for a deal!

There are so many reasons you could need USD, and we’re happy to help you attain your goal no matter what! Here’s just a few reasons you might want some cheap dollars in your back pocket:

  • Make a quick road trip across the border
  • Save up for snowbird season next year
  • Break into the forex market with the world’s most important currency
  • Have the perfect March Break
  • Stock up on USD for a future vacation
  • And so much more!

Start today with a visit to your local branch and ask your FXpert™ more about our USD savings!

Don’t Miss Out!

These special offers are available from now until our branches close on Tuesday, March 17, 2020. So you have from now until St. Patrick’s Day to take advantage of this great deal. Find your local branch and check the hours now, then find a time that works for you to come in! This St. Patrick’s Day season, don’t wait for the pot of gold to find you…make your own luck with Continental’s special USD savings.

As always, we also have great offers available each week. Learn more about our special promotions – including the always popular Monday Seniors Day! Did you know you can combine Seniors Day and Teacher Tuesday with our USD deal? That’s right! Even more savings on offer.

Best Rates Guaranteed

Continental Currency Exchange has been at the forefront of Canadian foreign exchange for more than 30 years. With a wide variety of different currencies available, we are far more capable of helping you prepare for your trip than the leading bank. 

Whether it’s to the US or around the world, we guarantee to beat the bank exchange rates. If you do happen to find a better rate with your bank and we can verify it, we’ll beat it! Which means more money in your pocket to enjoy your trip this winter. Just the way it should be. Come to your local Continental branch today! We beat the bank, so you can beat the cold!


Q: What is the St. Patrick’s Day Promotion? 

A: To help clients like you make your own luck, Continental Currency Exchange is pleased to announce that US Dollars will be on sale from Friday March 13 to close of business March 17, 2020.


Q: What is the discount? 

A: You save 25 BPS (Basis Points) on U.S. dollar purchases.


Q: Is there a minimum spend to get the discount?

A: Yes. You must purchase at least $500.00 US dollars.


Q: Can I buy some USD and some other currency for a total of $500.00 USD and still get the discount?

A: No. The discount is only applied to purchases with a minimum of $500.00 USD. Meaning, you can’t get $300.00 USD plus euros valued at $200.00 USD and receive the promotional discount.


Q: When is the discount applied? 

A: The discount is applied at the counter when purchasing USD.


Q: Will you still be honouring your Best Rate Guarantee? 

A: Yes. Our Best Rate Guarantee means that if you find a better rate in your local area that we can verify, we’ll BEAT it. You will have the opportunity to take advantage of our great rates AND save 25 BPS.


Q: What does BPS mean?
A: BPS stands for “Basis Points”. Basis Points is a regular term in forex trading. It is a unit of measurement in percentage change in exchange rates. While exchange rates continuously fluctuate, basis points are constant. So, although the amount of savings will fluctuate with the rate, clients can always count on a set basis points of savings.


Q: Can I get the discount selling my leftover USD from my last trip?

A: No. This promotional rate is only applicable when you buy US dollars.


Q: Can I get the discount if I buy USD with a foreign currency (not CAD)?

A: Yes. The discount is applied on all USD purchases.


Q: Are you still offering your Seniors’ Day discount? 

A: Yes. On Monday, seniors can stack the regular Seniors’ Day discount AND the St. Patrick’s Day promotion for a total of 75 BPS of savings.


Q: Will Continental Currency Exchange honour the Teacher Tuesday discount?

A: Yes. On Tuesday, teachers and education workers can stack their regular Teacher Tuesday discount AND the St. Patrick’s Day promotion for a total of 75 BPS of savings.


Q: Can I get this rate online?
A: No, this promotion is an “at the counter” deal only.


Q: How many times can I make a trade? 

A: You can make one trade per day during the promotional dates that will be eligible for the discount. Purchases of at least $500.00 USD will qualify.


Q: Why is USD on sale and not other currencies? 

A: As a Canadian-owned and operated company, we pride ourselves in offering the best discount to our clients. Your transactions show us that the United States is a popular travel destination for Canadian snowbirds and adventures.


Q: Is USD on sale because you’re expecting a change in the market?

A: No. As Your Foreign Exchange Experts™ we are constantly monitor the markets but can’t predict it. To help our clients make their own luck, Continental Currency Exchange is putting US dollars on sale because we know it is a popular choice for our clients.


Q: I have no plans to travel to the U.S. any time soon. Can I still take advantage of the sale?

A: Absolutely. Saving 25 BPS off US dollars is an excellent way to stretch your travel budget. If you plan to travel to the US or a country that accepts US dollars Continental Currency encourages you to take advantage of this deal.


Q: Are you open on Sunday for the sale? 

A: Yes, our branches are open Sundays to serve you better.  Please check our website for up to date hours or call your nearest branch.

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